'The particular Baptist Chapel originated from the labours of Mr Thomas Ladson nearly 100 years after the foundation of the church by Mr Davis. Church first formed on 13th March 1767.'

(Quote written between 1887-1898)


'In the time of Thomas Ladson The Meeting House was in Meeting Lane where the Baptist Cemetery is now. In 1860 a piece of ground was purchased at the cost of £123 and added to burial ground.'




'When the building in Meeting Lane was deemed unsafe a new chapel was built in 1861 and another built in High Street at a cost of £750 and opened 24th October 1861 for worship.'





'In 1877 house purchased. Silver Lane for use of minister, cost with enfranchisement £200.'


 Photo shows Pastor & Mrs Saunders outside the Manse around 1924



'Mr Eli Whiting was minister at the time. It was a large building and very lofty. In March 1894 the front was blown down and the minister at the time, Mr Arthur Baker, very narrowly escaped serious injury or death.'




'The building was repaired and stood until 6th January 1928, when a great gale swept the country and destroyed the Chapel building.'




'A service was held to celebrate the opening of the new chapel in August 1928.'



Above: The old school room next to the Chapel (pulled down in 1978)


(Quotes written between 1887-1898)

Photos kindly donated by Mr Robert Parish